How food is prepared can be just as important as the food you eat. If you ever thought that cooking is a tough job, today you will know that it is really so much Fun, Easy and Innovative. Use some of the Cooking Tips and Tricks listed below to help decrease the actual cooking time. Thus making cooking a pleasure.Here are some cooking tips and tricks you may find helpful in making food fast.In following tips some of are ,

Indian cooking tips and tricks,basic cooking tips,healthy cooking tips,south indian cooking tips and some of those will become your cooking tip of the day. 🙂

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cooking tips and tricks

Cooking Tips and Tricks

  • When you make ginger garlic paste add oil ,it will help to keep the colour and flavor of that even if you keep fridge for long time.
  • For any dosa or utappa ,take half cut onion, dip in oil and when pan is hot  spread it all over, it creates nonstick coat, and it get success in those recipes.
  • If you want to enhance color of gravy, then add beet root into gravy. it gives nice red color to it.
  • When boiling potatoes add 1 spoon of salt, It makes process of boiling fast.
  • When boiling milk, smear ghee on the edges of the vessel to prevent overflow.
  • While making dosas, put two tablespoon of cooked rice into the batter. The dosa will flip over easily and will be crisper.
  • If you want to keep any salad fresh for an evening party, first chill the bowl or tray in which you intend to serve the salad.
  • While boiling cornon the cob, add a pinch of sugar to help bring out the natural sweetness.
  • Place rolled ‘puris’ in the fridge for 10 minutes before frying them. They will consume less oil and turn out crisper.
  • When you prepare butter at home, you get buttermilk as a by-product. Boil this buttermilk at medium heat, and you will get paneer at no extra cost.
  • Sprinkle some salt in a frying pan to prevent oil from splashing.
  • Do not add salt to ‘rajma’ and ‘urad dal’ while boiling. It will take half the time to boil when salt is subtracted.

Hope you liked tips and tricks,in some of then tried by us and some of them go got from others. So try it and enjoy your experience and share if any of tricks not work , then comment below.

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Cooking Tips and Tricks-Basic cooking tips

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