Are you surprised  after reading title,Drinking water for weight lose-How?,yes it’s possible to lose weight by drinking water.In natural medicine ,they show how you can losing weight with water.You can lose weight 4 to 5 kg in 10 days with drinking water.Sometime it takes time to lose weight because ,all people are having different habit of sleeping and eating.

How drinking water can reduced weight?

According to expert,by drinking water our body function work properly so it’ll maintain body metabolism and by body metabolism ,it’ll help to lose weight.Drinking water can also help to burn calorie fast.

drinking water for weight lose

some tips on how lose weight with drinking water:(how can you use  drinking water for weight lose)

  • Drink water when you wake up,it would give your brain energy and you would stay active whole day.
  • Do breakfast after 1 or 2 hours of wake up,drink one glass of water before and after breakfast.
  • After(5 minutes) drinking Tea or Coffee ,drink 1 or 1/2 glass water,it would  decease the effect of acid and it would help you to lose weight.
  • Drink water before 20 minutes of lunch so it’ll help you to avoid overeating.
  • Drink before go to bed/sleep,it would help you avoid eating at late night and it would  help you to lose weight.
  • Instead of drinking more water at a time,drink water at a regular interval ,it would be more beneficial.
  • Avoid cold drinks and Juice and use drinking water instead of them,so sugar level would be decrease and it would help you to lose weight.

Now i think you got idea how you can lose weight by water,step are easy but you need to take care more. We took help from divybhaskar website to make article. Hope you enjoyed it.

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Drinking water for weight lose-How?

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