In today’s post you will know all about  ,How to install wordpress in xampp.Please read post carefully and follow the step and all your doubt will be solved.


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So after downloading xampp install it in your computer(system drive)/laptop. For me it is C drive. Now Download wordpress and then extract it and you can see wordpress folder in it.

Now open the xampp control panel and start My SQL service in that.

how to install wordpress in xampp
                                                     how to install wordpress in xampp

Now follow the step of how to install wordpress in xampp:

  • First copy the extracted folder of wordpress,then open your C drive then go to xampp and in that find htdocs folder,open that and paste wordpress folder in there.
  • you can rename the wordpress folder if you wish,try to use all lowercase when you rename the folder.
  • Now open your browser and type localhost://phpmyadmin
  • In that you need to make first database,click on new database and now write database name and remember that.
  • Now open new tab in your browser and type localhost://wordpress (here wordpress is folder name that we put in our htdocs,if you have rename the folder then write your folder name instead of wordpress)
  • So after that you can see language selection now click on next  and you need ask for other details ,you can see form in that write your database name that you have created,then write database user name and database user password.(Mostly database username is root and no password is there so you need to blank that filed in that case)
  • Don’t modify remaining two filed and then go to next and it would ask for run the install.
  • Then it will run the install and new form will come.
  • In that write your website title ,user name that you wish and password that you want to set .(that user name and password is for wordpress admin login )
  • Then write email and save it
  • Then it will ask for Login in to admin panel and write your user name and password and you will be redirect to directly wodpress admin.
  • So now your wordpress is ready.

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How to install wordpress in xampp – step by step guide

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