In today’s post you will get idea  about what is bigcommerce and  how to do bigcommerce theme  customisation in blue print theme and in stencil framework.

What is bigcommerce?

Now a days there are so many framework available to make e-commerce website. But Bigcommerce is one of the easiest way to make e-commerce website. There are plenty of  ready made themes available,so it  easy to make store in bigcommerce with  ready made themes.

what is bigcommerce

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Why you need to Use Bigcommerce,Lets understand more ,what is bigcommerce actually.

Some of the features of bigcommerce:

  • Get a full-featured ecommerce CMS
  • Accept payments from leading providers
  • Manage orders and inventory
  • Sell more on all your channels (Facebook, Pinterest, eBay, Amazon)
  • Convert mobile shoppers (Bigcommerce provide responsive themes)
  • Loaded with marketing features
  • Optimized for conversion
  • So Many extension /app
  • Easy Customisation

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Now let’s understand how to edit blueprint theme:

Follow the steps :

  1.     First Login in to your bigcommerce admin panel
  2.    Then go to  Storefront Design › My Themes
  3.    Now first take a back up of your theme.
  4.    Now click on Edit Html/Css
  5.   So now you can see default.html page that is home page code of bigcommerce.
  6.   So now if you want to write css code then find custom.css file from left side panel and write your custom css code there and save it.
  7.  Same way you can edit other files but for that you need to understand Panel and Snippet structure of Bigcommerce.

Now let’s understand how to edit stencil theme:

Follow the steps :

  1.    First Login in to your bigcommerce admin panel
  2.    Then go to  Storefront Design › My Themes
  3.    Now click on Advance and first Make a copy of your theme.
  4.   Give the name to theme like copyofthemename etc ,whatever you like
  5.   Click on the action icon of your copied theme, then click on the Customize option to open it from the Theme       Editor or Edit Theme Files to open the in-browser editor directly.
  6.   Edit the code in the files you want.
  7.  Click Save

Now how to apply Changes/new theme to Storefront:

1. When you are done with your changes, click Save.

2. Now again Go to Storefront Design › My Themes, then scroll down to the list of your themes.

3. Click on the Theme you copied and edited.

4. Next to the Design Options drop-down, click Apply that theme and check storefront so you can see your changes.

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What is bigcommerce and how to do bigcommerce theme customization

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